Saturday, November 3, 2007

4 Tips on how to make adsense work for you

If you own a blog or a website, the best way to monetize it is through AdSense.
AdSense is a publisher service offer by Google.
Publisher get pay when the Google ads on their site get click on or if a visitor buy one of the Google products on the publisher site.

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Here i would like to give you 4 tips on how to make AdSense work for you.

1- AdSense for referrals.
A lot of webmasters ignore it and concentrate a lot on AdSense for content,but you can generate a great return from a referral to AdSense or AdWords.
for example if you refer someone to AdSense and he/she earns $100 in the next 180 days you will earn $250.
so if every month you refer 10 people to AdSense and they earn $100 in the next 180 days, you will be making a pretty $2500.
Not bad is it?
so make sure you add some Google referral products on your site.

2- AdSense Placement

There is nothing as important as where to place your ads when it comes to AdSense.
Put your ads in the wrong place and noone will click on them, therefore you will make no revenue.
The recommended placement for your ads is on the top of your website pages where people can easily see them and therefore can easily click on them.
Never put any of your ads at the bottom of your pages because you might like your contents but may be the visitors is not that interested, so he might leave your site without getting to the bottom of the page.

3- Concentrate on one format of AdSense for content.
The large square (336x280) is strongly recommended because it works well with the majority of websites and are very visible. The other reason you might want to concentrate on one format is consistency.Your site will look more professional this way.

4-Create a custom palette for your ads.
Choose colours that will match the colours on your site.
Make sure your ads blend well with your website like if they were part of your website.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

How to get traffic for free

Using Blogs

If you do not have any money to start a google campaign then you might want to create several blogs.
Search engine will pick up your blog easier than they will pick up a stsndard website.
But the competition is so high that it will take you longer to show on the first page of the search engine , therefore taking you longer to get any traffics compare to if you were using Adwords, but with time you will get there.

Using Article submission

You can write a review of the items listed on your website and provide a link to your site or blogs on it and submit your articles to e-magazines. You should submit as many articles as you can.
E-magazine are on the top spot of search engine, so you got more chance to have people coming to your site through them.
Some of the most popular e-magazines are listed bellow but there are many, many more, you find them simply by running a search

Get Free Google Ads

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Starting Online

Starting a business online can be very complexed and very frightening.

Not knowing where to start is the biggest obstacle.
The internet offers so much options.
Either you have money or not you can start a business online today.
After reviewing many successful online business,
i have come up with few options to get you started.

Option 1:
If you have money, about $20 a month even less, you can create your own website or online store with yahoo small business.This will give you flexibility.
You can add and sell anything you want and create as many pages as yo want.

Compare Web Hosting Packages from Yahoo!

Option 2:
If you have about $10 a month or less, you cant have a ready made website with your own domain name. The products are already there for you, you can add some staff but it is not as flexible as option one.

Get a professional ready made website

Option 3:
You can pay a one off fee and join a business system that have already been tested and where all you will have to do is to follow the advice of the person that created the system. I have listed bellow the most popular home business opportunity from the clickbank market place. Most of them offer up to 8 weeks money back making the risk very low.

12 Months Internet Millionaire By Russel Brunson

Google Cash By Chris Carpenter

ForexEnterprise By Nick Marks

Stock Trading Robot By Tom Hunter

Option 4:
If you have no money at all then you can get a ready-made free website, but you can not add or retract anything and the domain name is given to you.
Get a free website

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Friday, September 28, 2007

I am an affiliate and proud !

I have discovered affiliate marketing a while ago but it is only now i decided to create a blog and talk about my life as an affiliate. You will say it took me sometime and i should agree to that.
In this blog, i will be talking about me, how i got into affiliate marketing and what is keeping me in.
I think affiliate needs to team up by communicating and sharing what we are going through.
I created this blog to give all affiliate marketers a chance to say what they think about the business, either good or bad.
You can add links to your website or blogs, share some tips which you really think have made a difference in your life as an affiliate.
Please, if you have nothing to say, do not post irrelevant or inappropriate comments and mainly keep your lies for yourself.